3 Things Norfolk Residents Should Know About Cockroaches

September 18, 2019

an american cockroach crawling along the wooden kitchen table in a Norfolk virginia home

It is a no-brainer that cockroaches should be avoided, but do you know why? Their appearance is terrifying enough to send chills down spines, and their speed and multiple appendages don’t make you want to say aww and pet them. But is that all? Are cockroaches just scary pests and nothing more? Let’s address this question by sharing 3 important facts every Norfolk resident should know about roaches.

Fact Number One: Roaches Are Dangerous

As their appearance suggests, roaches are dangerous pests, but perhaps not in the way you would think. They do not bite or sting like other insects do, but they do carry and spread a range of sicknesses. Cockroaches are known to carry 33 kinds of harmful bacteria, 6 recorded parasitic worms, and at least 7 human pathogens. Needless to say, having roaches wandering around your home is not good for your health!

Fact Number Two: If You See One Roach, It Is Not Alone

Seeing one cockroach doesn’t seem like a big deal, right? Unfortunately, it is a big deal, not because of how problematic a single roach can be but rather what seeing one roach indicates. Because roaches are very elusive pests that do not like being seen, having one venture out into the open, especially in brought daylight, strongly suggests that a large population of cockroaches, possibly numbering in the thousands, exists just out of sight.

Fact Number Three: Roaches Are Extremely Resilient

Movies have suggested that roaches will be here long after the human race has gone. This is not all fictional. Cockroaches are extremely resilient pests that, when faced with danger, can be very difficult to kill. This also means they are resilient to many forms of DIY pest control options, making dealing with them on your own an extremely difficult task.

Quick Prevention Tips For Roaches

If roaches have not already invaded your home, there are a few things you can do to try to keep them away.

  1. Eliminating moisture. This can be done by fixing leaks, installing dehumidifiers, and making sure your gutters are all in good working order.
  2. Eliminate food sources. This can be done with vigilant cleaning (especially in areas you might usually leave dirty, such as under stoves and refrigerators) and with proper food storage, making sure that no leftovers are being left out for hungry roaches.
  3. Investing in quality pest control. If you are dealing with a cockroach infestation here in Norfolk or would like to avoid future roach problems, Four Seasons | HomeTown Pest Control is here to help.

To find out more about our credentials or to schedule a service visit with one of our pros, reach out to us today.

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