5 Misconceptions About Cockroaches

February 6, 2017

Cockroaches come in various species, but the most common to our area are the Smokey Brown cockroach sometimes called water bugs or Palmetto bugs. The other main cockroach is the German cockroach. In some countries, roaches are a delicacy. For me that just conjures up ickiness, no thank you! Below are five misconceptions about cockroaches that all homeowners should know.

a cockroach crawling on a sandwich inside of a kitchen in suffolk virginia

1. You Can Get Rid Of Roaches With DIY Treatments

This is a misconception that is around and people actually end up paying more in the long run. First the initial costs of the do-it-yourself treatments, like you’ll try the first one, which won’t work, so then you’ll go off and try another product you’ve researched. That’s what Google is there for right? Wrong, that’s what professionals are there for. It’s been proven that the do-it-yourself methods don’t work as effectively as the products professionals use.

2. Roaches Are Only Associated With Dirty Places

Even the cleanest of homes or buildings can have cockroaches. Roaches don’t care who they invade, if you have something they can eat then they will use your home as a source of food. Roaches on the other hand are very dirty. Consider where they travel from and what they travel through. Through sewers and guttering, then across your nice clean kitchen countertop. Or even in your bathroom, next time you go to put your toothbrush in your mouth just think a roach could have been nibbling on it from excess toothpaste left on your brush – yes they do eat toothpaste!

3. Roaches Only Eat Garbage

Really? No! German roaches have been known to eat eyebrows off of sleeping children. As well as toothpaste and glue from the back of wallpaper. So if your kids wake up one morning and have no eyebrows it’s not because the eldest has played a prank on them, and if your wallpaper is falling off the walls. Sheds new light on the situation eh?

4. You Will Only See Roaches At Night

Another misconception, cockroaches are nocturnal but if you see any roaches in the day, it is a possibility that they are being forced out due to overcrowding, meaning you have a bigger issue.

5. Cockroaches Have Eyes In The Back Of The Head

Nope, sorry they don’t. They feel you coming first because they have tiny little hairs on their legs that pick up on vibrations. So before you turn on the kitchen light and head for a glass of milk in the middle of the night, they have already started scurrying away because they felt you heading towards the kitchen as soon as you opened the bedroom door.

Roaches are a year-round pest, they don’t just come out during the warmer summer months. If you need a free roach inspection give one of our offices a call. We can get them under control and out of your home for good.

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