All You Need To Know About The Ants In Norfolk

November 15, 2019

Have you ever wondered about an ant crawling around inside of your home? Where did he come from? What is he doing? Is he a threat to me and my family? These are all good questions that homeowners find themselves asking. Today, we will give you everything you need to know about ants here in Norfolk. Interested to learn more? Keep reading.

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Common Ants Here In Norfolk

Here in Virginia, we have 4 common species of pest ants.

  1. Little Black Ants: Tiny at only 1/16” in length, these dark brown to black pests can be found most commonly in wooded areas, outside. Inside homes, these tiny nuisances can be found nesting in woodwork, wall voids, masonry, and behind facades.
  2. Odorous House Ants: 1/16 to ⅛” in length and brown to black in color, odorous house ants stand up to their name. When squished, these ants emit a foul odor that some describe at rotten coconut. Most commonly these ants are found nesting in areas of high humidity inside homes such as next to piping, heaters, and beneath leaky fixtures.
  3. Pavement Ants: ⅛” in length and dark brown to black in color, pavement ants also live up to their name. They are commonly found constructing their nests through cracks found in pavement. In homes, these ants build nests under floorboards, and within wall voids.
  4. Carpenter Ants: ⅝” in length and a combination of red and black in color, carpenter ants are the most destructive of the bunch. This is due to where they build their colonies, not in the ground outdoors, but chewed into the wood of homes.

All of the ants above can carry bacteria on their feet which are transferred to counter and kitchen table tops when they scavenge for food.


General Prevention Tips For Ants

  • Seal up any gaps or holes found in your home’s exterior foundation. This can be done using a caulking gun.
  • Reduce moisture inside and out of your home by fixing leaky pipes, repairing faulty gutters, and installing dehumidifiers in particularly humid areas.
  • Reduce potential food sources by picking up pet food bowls once pets are done with them, storing leftovers inside of plastic containers, and cleaning regularly, making sure no messes are out for ants to find.
  • Trim back branches and bushes from the exterior of your home and make sure your landscaping is well kept.
  • Store firewood at least 30 feet from the walls of your home.


The Best Ant Control

Although the above steps can help in mitigating your risk of ant infestations, none are a perfect solution. Your best option to keep ants out of your home is to hire the professionals here at Hometown Pest Control. Using targeted and reliable treatments, we can ensure your home gets the protection from ants you deserve. 
Want to learn more about how we treat for ants or would you like to schedule a service visit for your Norfolk property? Give us a call today!

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