Are Carpenter Bees Causing You Strife In Suffolk?

April 15, 2022

Bees are such integral contributors to the world's ecosystem, but carpenter bees can be a pain to deal with around your home and property. While not particularly aggressive, they can still sting if provoked, and over time multiple carpenter bee nests can significantly damage your Suffolk home. With the safety of your health and property at stake, effective Suffolk pest control is necessary, so it's essential to know how to keep carpenter bees away and the best way to get rid of carpenter bees in Suffolk.

carpenter bee in a hole

How To Identify Carpenter Bees In Suffolk

Carpenter bees are easily mistaken for bumblebees, which is understandable with their many similarities, but they're not entirely identical. They're both roughly the same size, around one inch in length, but while bumblebees are completely covered in tiny hairs, carpenter bees are only fuzzy on their thoraxes. They have shiny black abdomens, yellowish-brown hair-covered thoraxes, and black heads – as opposed to the patented yellow and black stripes that most bees are known for.

Does Anything Instantly Kill Carpenter Bees?

Nobody likes killing bees these days, but having an infestation around your Suffolk property is dangerous, even if they're more inclined to be docile. Carpenter bees are one of a few solitary bee species, which means they have no colony or queen to protect. However, they still get protective over their nests and larvae, which can mean trouble for people enjoying a warm spring day on their porch. There are a few home remedies for infestations floating around on the internet that claim to kill carpenter bees on contact:

  • Liquid borax solution
  • Vinegar water spray
  • Soapy water spray
  • Wasp spray
  • WD-40
  • Diatomaceous earth

One of the biggest problems with these solutions is they require you to get within proximity of the nests to spray or dust inside the cavities they nest within, but if there are multiple nests or the bees aren't in their holes, that could lead to a dangerous interaction with angry bees. The other problem is these solutions aren't nearly as effective as claimed – aside from wasp spray, it takes time for these products to take effect, so they're not instant solutions for an infestation. With how dangerous a failed extermination can be, professional pest control in Suffolk is always recommended, such as Hometown Pest Control.

What Kind Of Damage Do Carpenter Bees Cause In Suffolk?

Since carpenter bees are solitary creatures, one nest might not do too much harm, but offspring will continue to come back to familiar nesting spots over time. In just a few years, one nest can turn into 50, and the damage carpenter bees inflict on Suffolk homes becomes dangerous – weakened support beams, warped boards, sunken flooring, and sagging ceilings. Prevention is the best way to save your home from damage, and Hometown Pest control provides amazing carpenter bee control treatments, but there are a few things you can do on your own to keep carpenter bees away:

  • Paint or varnish the exposed wood around the exterior of your home – porches, stairs, wooden pillars, decks, etc.
  • Reduce the amount of flowering plants in your garden areas
  • Try not to over-water your gardens
  • Address any moisture issues around the exterior of your home
  • Keep tight-fitting lids on all outdoor trash cans
  • Fill in any abandoned holes in wood from previous nesting activity
  • Repair cracks and gaps around the exterior of your home

What Is The Best Treatment For Carpenter Bees In Suffolk?

Docile or not, stinging insects will become aggressive if they feel threatened, so you don't want to handle this kind of infestation on your own. The best way to get rid of carpenter bees in Suffolk is with the help of our pest experts at Hometown Pest Control. We offer conventional and eco-friendly treatment plans on request, we use high-quality pest control products that will kill carpenter bees on contact, and we even provide preventative treatments to keep them from returning. So get in touch with us today for more information!

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