Guide To Avoiding Fire Ants In The Outer Banks

June 18, 2019

a large colony of black ants clustered around  the opening of an ant hill on an outer banks property

Walking around in a yard with fire ants can be like trying to avoid lasers in a spy movie—one wrong move, and you might get burned. Granted fire ants cannot burn you, or sever limbs like the lasers in the movies could, but enough of their bites in one spot and your skin will feel like it's on fire. Comedy aside, fire ants are a big problem here in the Outer Banks, and homeowners find themselves jumping to avoid them daily. If you are not one of these homeowners yet, we have some steps you can take to avoid attracting fire ants to your property.

Identifying Fire Ants

Before talking about how to prevent fire ants, lets first make sure you know what they look like.
Typically fire ants have red bodies and black hindquarters. They are relatively small, as ants go, only 1.6-5 mm in length. One thing that is unique to fire ants is the fact that they have both a stinger and front mandibles capable of biting—meaning they can hurt you from both ends.

Problems Fire Ants Cause

As we have already established, fire ants have a relatively painful bite and sting that can leave their victims in a fair amount of discomfort. Their bites can also cause nausea or excessive itching, which can lead to infection. Beyond this fire, ants can also be quite the nuisance in the way they invade your property uninvited.

Fire Ant Prevention Tips

When it comes to preventing fire ants, limiting moisture and food is key. Just like most other living creatures fire ants need this food and water to survive. The more your property offers these amenities, the more likely they are to be drawn there. Here are some simple ways you can deter fire ants from settling down on your land.

  • Pick up pet food and drink bowls after your pets are finished.
  • Clean regularly, making sure that no food or drink remnants are left around your home.
  • Make sure your trashcans have tight-fitting lids.
  • Store any leftover foods inside of airtight containers.
  • Pick up dropped fruits and berries that have fallen into your yard.


How Four Seasons|HomeTown Pest Control Can Help Keep Fire Ants Away

Although the above steps can help keep fire ants at bay, none are perfect solutions. The closest thing to an ideal solution is professional ant control services provided by Four Seasons|HomeTown Pest Control.
To find out more about our trusted services or to schedule an appointment to have a fire ant treatment done to your property, contact us today!

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