Guide To Avoiding Mosquito Bites In Norfolk

July 15, 2019

a mosquito perched on the bare arm skin of a a Norfolk virgina resident one summer day

Being bitten by a mosquito often comes with a moment of shock. You know the moment we are referring to. It's the moment you feel the sensation of a tiny needle nose drawing blood from beneath your skin, usually followed by a slap attempting to end the life of the insect draining you. (Followed by triumph or aggravation, depending on the fate of said insect.) Today we will be talking about how you can avoid these frustrating moments with a simple guide created to help you avoid mosquito bites around Norfolk this summer.

Problems Mosquitoes Cause

We do not have to tell you how much of a nuisance mosquito can be. But did you know that every time you are bitten by a mosquito, there is a chance you could end up suffering with more than just a bug bite? Mosquitoes have the capability to pick up and spread a variety of unpleasant diseases. If your neighbor's outdoor cookout has a sick individual that gets bitten by a mosquito, every person who that mosquito bites after biting the sick individual is at risk for contracting the same sickness.

Things You Can Do To Avoid Mosquito Bites

Now that you understand the risk of being bitten by a mosquito, let’s talk about some practical ways you can keep these dangerous pests off your property.

First things first, find and eliminate sources of stagnant water around your property where mosquitoes can lay eggs. In the case of bird baths or decorative pools, make sure the water is moving so that mosquitos are unable to lay eggs in them.

Second, try to make yourself less attractive to mosquitoes looking for a blood meal. This can be done by wearing light-colored clothing and mosquito repellant when outside where you know mosquitoes will be. It is good to keep in mind that the more you exert yourself the more attractive you will be to mosquitoes since two things that draw mosquitoes in are lactic acid and carbon dioxide, both of which occur during physical exercise.

Finally, consider making your property less attractive to mosquitoes. This can be done in a couple of ways. The first way is by installing fans around outdoor lounging areas. This will make it difficult for mosquitoes to land on and bite you. The second way you can do this is by investing in professional mosquito control. This will give your property the best chance to remain mosquito-free while you enjoy the outdoors.

Here at Four Seasons | HomeTown Pest Control, we offer quality and reliable mosquito control services designed to protect you and your property year-round. No more slapping away mosquitoes or worrying about the dangerous diseases they could be carrying.

Find peace of mind today by giving the pros at Four Seasons a call. We will make sure you and your property get the treatment you deserve.

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