Norfolk Property Owners' Ultimate Termite Prevention Guide

March 15, 2021

You probably know that termites are one of the most destructive pests in Norfolk and throughout the country, but you might not realize just how much damage these small insects can do. While termites might be tiny at only around an eighth of an inch to an inch long, the property damage they cause is massive.

a termite crawling in wood tunnel

Termites chew through wood to ingest the cellulose fibers the wood contains. They can destroy anything from furniture to flooring to walls, and over time they can ruin many areas of your property. The average homeowner with a termite infestation will spend $3,000 or more dollars to repair what the termites have done.

What Do Termites Look Like?

Termites don’t all look the same. The appearance of a termite varies depending on where they fit into the caste system of the termite colony. The worker and soldier termites are a white to cream color, and they don’t have any wings. On the other hand, you can identify the termite swarmers because they are dark brown to black and have wings. They look similar to flying ants.

These swarmers are responsible for reproduction, so they will leave the nest in order to look for areas to begin a new colony. You’re more likely to notice termite swarmers because of this. But, even still, termite damage often goes unnoticed for long periods of time.

What Attracts Termites To A Property?

There is one simple reason why termites are more attracted to some properties over others: moisture. Termites need a humid environment to thrive, so they are especially attracted to homes and businesses that have excess moisture issues.

However, moisture alone might not bring termites to your property. These pests also need access to the building, and they often get inside if there is soil to wood contact around the building. Keep in mind that you might not even realize that termites have access to your home or that you’re dealing with humidity problems, so it’s best to take preventive measures to keep termites out.

What Are The Best Ways To Prevent Termites?

Since termites mainly find a property a good place to live if it has moisture issues, the best overall way to prevent termites is by reducing or removing humidity concerns from around the home or business. Here are five of the best ways to deter termites from invading your property:

  1. Address excess humidity by repairing leaky plumbing.
  2. Next, focus on ensuring good ventilation especially in attics, basements, and crawl spaces. You can also use dehumidifiers in rooms that need extra attention.
  3. The most important prevention step when it comes to termites is to reduce soil to wood contact by installing a barrier between the foundation and the dirt.
  4. Termites especially love wood that has become water damaged, so always remove these materials from the property.
  5. Keep all firewood, or other wooden materials, stacked neatly in a dry area at least 30 feet away from the home or business.

How Can You Protect Your Home From Termites?

Understanding what attracts termites and then taking steps to prevent them can greatly reduce your chance of an infestation. However, termites are still a rather difficult pest to deter, and you might already have termites and not even know it. The best and most effective way to handle termite control is by contacting the experts at HomeTown Pest Control. We provide ongoing termite prevention throughout the year, and we can also remove any current problems thoroughly and effectively.

All of our technicians are trained, licensed, and insured, so you can trust that you’re getting high-quality commercial or residential pest control. Request your free inspection by calling us at (757) 210-3462.

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