Norfolk's Guide To Rodent Control 

January 17, 2020

What is something that motivates you? Are you motivated by success? Perhaps by money? Maybe you are motivated to provide a good life for your family. The world is filled with motivators, and one of the strongest is survival. Living things will do practically anything to avoid death. Rodents are no exception. When the weather starts to cool down, and living conditions become harsh, rodents start looking for ways to survive. This drives them straight to our homes which are warm, inviting, and fully stocked with tasty foods. The question is, what are you doing to stop rodents in Norfolk this winter?

a rat infestation in a norfold virginia home during winter

What Attracts Rodents To Homes?

There are many factors that might draw rodents that are seeking shelter onto your property and into your home. Rodents look for food, water, and shelter. These three things can be found in a number of ways. Shelter can be found in debris, plant growth, woodpiles, and really anywhere covered and out of the elements. Food can be anything from an open trash can to your pet’s outdoor food bowl. Water is by far the easiest of the three needs to find. Any small puddle or leak provides rodents with all the water they need.
Once drawn close to your home, rodents can then be drawn in by warm drafts of air leaking through cracks, the smell of food, or by available entry points that allow them access to your home’s interior. Rodents are by nature curious creatures and are likely to enter into your home at first just because it seems interesting to them.

How Dangerous Are Rodents?

We are asked all the time, "How dangerous are rodents?" If you know much about the history of England and the Black Death, you are probably aware of at least one of the dangers rodents pose. Although it was not rodents themselves, but the fleas they hosted that carried the disease, rodents still played a big roll in carrying fleas and spreading disease. 
Some of the most common diseases rodents have been known to carry include salmonellosis, hantavirus, and plague.
Rodents can also be destructive with the way they use their sharp front incisor teeth. You have probably heard of mice and rats chewing holes through walls, but have you heard of them severing electrical wires? The best case scenario, if this happens, is an outlet stops working. Worst case scenario is the severed wires start a fire. The general rule with rodents is: if there is something in their way and they can chew through it, they will. Rats can even chew through lead.
Finally, rodents can be hosts for fleas, ticks, and mites, which all have diseases and problems of their own. If you have any indoor pets, the presence of these small pests is bad news.

How You Can Get Rodents Out Of Your Norfolk Home

Once rodents get inside, it is not always easy to get them back out. With smaller infestations where only a couple of rodents have invaded, you may be able to act fast and solve the problem without much trouble. To do this, we recommend investing in some quality rodent traps, baiting them with peanut butter, and placing them at areas you suspect the rodents are traveling frequently. With a little luck, this might solve your problem.
With larger infestations, this method will become less and less effective. You may find dead rodents in traps on a regular basis, but with how fast a group of rodents is able to reproduce, you may never catch the last rodent.
What you can do at this point is let the professionals here at Hometown Pest Control assist. Our pest technicians are trained to handle rodent infestations of all sizes and have the tools and industrial-grade traps needed for the job. Once we are done, your home will be rodent-free.
If you would like to schedule services for your Norfolk home or would like to talk to one of our service representatives about rodent control options to keep your home rodent-free year-round, give us a call today.

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