Problems Odorous House Ants Cause In the Outer Banks

June 17, 2019

a smal but odorouse house ant crawling along a fuzzy green leaf on an out banks property

Odorous house ants are small invasive pests that typically infest Outer Banks homes while seeking out new food sources. You can identify them by their small size, dark brown to black color, and the uneven shape of their thoraxes. Another way to identify odorous ants is the strong, musty odor they emit when crushed, which is like the smell of rotten coconuts. These ants typically only reach about 2.4 to 3.3 mm in length; however, you shouldn't underestimate how much of a nuisance they are, based on their tiny size.

Problems Odorous House Ants Cause

Odorous house ants cause many problems for homeowners across the Outer Banks. When a scout ant finds an easily accessible source of food on your property, it doesn't take long for your home to fill with these busy insects. Odorous house ants prefer to live indoors where there is plenty of food, moisture, and warmth. Unfortunately, this means they often create nests in wall voids or under floorboards.
One of the most notable problems that arise with odorous ant infestations is the possibility of contaminated food items. These insects are not known to spread diseases; however, any food products with ants crawling on it should be thrown out immediately. While odorous house ants don’t sting or bite people, these insects can become a significant nuisance if they are not dealt with quickly.

Why Professional Treatment is More Effective Than DIY

When you find odorous house ants on your property, one of the worst steps you can take to treat the infestation is by using online DIY tips and tricks. Not only are these resources ineffective, but they also cause more stress, waste more time, and cost more money than what they’re worth. Additionally, odorous ant colonies often split up when a threat is detected, creating more colonies within your Outer Banks home.
To avoid the unnecessary stress and frustration that DIY ant treatments cause, trust the removal of your ant infestation to the professionals here at Four Seasons Pest Control. Professional services are always your most effective ant control option, so why wait? We will target the source of your odorous house ant infestation and work to remove them at their source, while also preventing against future invasions. With our licensed team of pest experts doing the job, you’ll never be disappointed! Reach out to Four Seasons Pest Control today.

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