Ten Ways To Make Your Suffolk, VA Home Less Appealing To Termites

February 14, 2022

Termites are some of the most organized and destructive insects you will ever not see. Many homeowners are unwitting hosts to large colonies of these social insects finding out too late the damage that has been caused. Termites work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, breaking down the cellulose-based materials in Suffolk homes. Termite colonies have three distinct castes: workers, soldiers, and alates. Workers cause the majority of damage and are creamy-white though they are seldom seen unless infested wood is broken open. Soldiers have elongated yellowish heads, large jaws, and are about the same size as workers at ¼ inch in length. Alates are black or brown and ⅜-½ inches long with two pairs of translucent wings of equal length that break off after swarming. These shed wings are often the only evidence of termites inside a building until widespread destruction.

Termites are one of the very few animals that can break down cellulose and wood for nutrients. In nature, this is a beneficial trait as they will break down old roots, tree stumps, and fallen logs. In a home it spells disaster. A single colony of termites contains 100,000-2,000,000 individuals who forage up to 150 feet in search of food. Over time they can collapse a building entirely and spell financial ruin for homeowners.

termite swarmers on the ground

Common Termite Attractants

There are essentially two things termites seek out in a new home: moisture and accessibility. Termites travel underground and enter structures where wood or cellulose materials come into contact with soil. Wood that has been weakened by moisture is typically more appealing as it is easier to break down. If you are looking to reduce the appeal of your Suffolk home to termites, try the following preventative measures.

  • Remove wooden debris from the vicinity of the building
  • Replace wooden posts, steps, trellises that are in contact with soil with non-cellulose materials or pressure-treated lumber
  • Replace damaged timbers
  • Keep mulch at least 15 inches from the foundation of your home
  • Fill all visible cracks and voids in the foundation with concrete or caulking
  • Reduce soil moisture by using gutters, downspouts, and French drains
  • Ensure adequate drainage for basements, cellars, and crawl spaces
  • Use dehumidifiers
  • Repair any leaks in faucets, pipes, or air conditioners
  • Invest in professional termite prevention

While we can all do things to limit accessibility and moisture in our homes, the reality is that wood is a primary building material in our homes. While some homes may be more attractive than others, all Maryland homes are at risk for termite infestation.

Professional Termite Prevention With HomeTown Pest Control

Termites cause over five billion dollars in property damage each year. That fact alone is stressful for homeowners. Added to the risk is the fact that many termite infestations go undetected for months or even years. Only becoming apparent when the damage has become unmanageable. You can eliminate the stress of the unknown by taking advantage of HomeTown Pest Control's free termite inspection. Put your mind at ease and ensure the safety of your home at no cost.

At HomeTown Pest Control, our specialists are experts. We have the tools and experience to know the signs of termite damage and common termite attractants.  We will also assess your property to determine whether you're at risk for future infestations. 

We offer both baiting systems and liquid treatments to ensure that we have the best option for your unique situation. To learn more about our termite control services and schedule a free estimate, reach out to us today!

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