Why Are There So Many Spiders Around My Norfolk Home?

July 26, 2019

This has been a good year for Norfolk spiders and that is bad news for residents in Norfolk. While spiders offer some benefits when they come onto our properties (in the form of mosquito and fly control) they make terrible guests. They leave webs all over the place—which are no fun to walk through face first, and they find their way into our homes and crawl on our walls. If you are thinking, "Um, no thanks," we're with ya. Spiders need to stay outside, and if possible, away from our exterior walls. Let them do all of their mosquito and fly catching on the outskirts of our yards. Here are a few tips to guide those spiders to where they need to be, and more importantly, away from where you don't want them to be

wolf spider on the ground


When spiders come near to your home it is often because they are lured in by an abundance of food sources. Since they eat lots of flies, conditions that attract flies can also bring spiders in close. What attracts flies?

  • An open trash receptacle is an open invitation for flies. Trash provides food sources and a breeding location for many flying insects.
  • White exterior lights attract flies from a great distance. Turning lights off at night can reduce flies around your home and also reduce the spiders that eat them.


Spiders don't just eat creatures that fly. They also enjoy eating critters that crawl on the ground. The more bugs you have in your yard, the more spiders you're going to have. Bugs can come into your yard for many reasons but one of the biggest reasons is the presence of moisture. This may be puddles that provide a drink or it may be damp landscaping that provides the level of humidity they need to live.

  • Check to make sure your gutters are in good working order.
  • Trim tree branches to allow the sun to dry locations that are densely shaded.
  • Remove unwanted vegetation and weeds.
  • Consider putting space between plants to allow for better airflow.

Moisture will also lure spiders directly and it is the increase in moisture and warmth this year that has helped spiders, and the bugs they eat, to thrive in Norfolk.

What to Do About Spiders in Norfolk

The best way to prevent spider infestations is to invest in residential pest control. When you have ongoing treatments from a licensed and experienced pest management professional, all of the house-invading pests around your home are reduced and spiders find your yard less appetizing to hang out in. If you'd like to learn how this works or you'd like to set up residential service for your Norfolk home, reach out to us. We can help.

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